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Our Story

     A mix of modern and traditional Italian cuisine, our cozy ristorante has long been a local favorite. Sisters Anna and Maria, originally from the   Basilicata region of southern Italy, first opened the doors of Anna Maria Pasteria in 1989.

     Beginning at age seven, Anna fell in love with cooking, creating her first plate of Pasta e Fagioli, a simple peasant dish which is now an Italian specialty. Enamored with cuisine and hospitality, Maria followed the family tradition and put her heart into making the best and most heavenly Tiramisu.

     After nearly two decades, Anna and Maria continue to dedicate themselves to the finest home-made Italian cuisine and service. Each entrée is prepared to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients.


     It is our desire to make your dinner at Anna Maria Pasteria a delight to your palate and a happy and memorable dining experience. Thank you for joining us here on our website and we hope to see you soon.


Buon Appetito!

Sisters Anna and Maria making pasta
Sisters Anna and Maria making pasta
Sisters Anna and Maria
Bomba Chocolato